Am trying to install and enable the SkuIQ module Extension for Magento 2

Keywords: Magento - Google Cloud Platform - Technical issue - Plugins installation/configuration

bnsupport ID: 875f1c23-bdd7-2093-03b4-17b18eb0dc4a

bndiagnostic output:

? Apache: Found possible issues

Is giving an error message when I run the command from instructions:

Run the Magento 2.x enable extension command from root: php bin/magento module:enable Skuiq_SyncModule
Finally run the upgrade command from root: php bin/magento setup:upgrade

I ran:
sudo magento-cli module:enable Skuiq_SyncModule

Error In Red in Command Line:

The directory “/bitnami/magento/generated/code/Magento” cannot be deleted Warning!rmdir(/bitnami/magento/generated/code/Magento): Directory not empty

Hello @thirtygreen

Are you using the module from the site below?

Note this is compatible with Magento 1.x



Have found that SKU IQ is not what I needed for my Magento Site, am looking for a payment processor to link with Magento and Clover POS

Please mark as solved for now
If you could suggest a way to process payments with Clover POS I would appreciate it.