After Installing Stripe In Magento, Error Shows On Admin Panel

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I have created the fresh instance of Magento.
Firstly installed Stripe Payment Extension Using Below Command:

Enabling the maintenance mode:
sudo php bin/magento maintenance:enable

Installing Stripe using composer:
sudo composer require stripe/stripe-payments:2.7.3

Checking module status:
sudo php bin/magento module:status

Enabling module Stripe
sudo php bin/magento module:enable StripeIntegration_Payments --clear-static-content

Registering the extension:
sudo php bin/magento setup:upgrade

Disabling the maintenance mode:
sudo php bin/magento maintenance:disable

Re-compiling Magento:
sudo php bin/magento setup:di:compile

Cleaning the cache:
sudo php bin/magento cache:clean

Flushing the cache:
sudo php bin/magento cache:flush

After login to admin panel error shows on top:
Class ‘StripeIntegration\Payments\Logger\Handler’ not found

Also, When I click on
Stores > Configuration > Sales > Payment Methods

Below error displays:

<style>.highlighted { background-color: #DFF7FF!important; }</style>
<form action="http://ip-address/admin/admin/system_config/save/key/db0d81e43c3786fee7db9ca70ecd4ff835bdee8382ee97987f1827483ab4d9ed/section/payment/" method="post" id="config-edit-form"
    <div><input name="form_key" type="hidden" value="LMk8RYG5eNTSdDQF" /></div>
    <div class="accordion">
        An error has happened during application run. See exception log for details.

Hello @vibhu,

I tried reproducing the error but wasn’t able to install the extension:

sudo composer require stripe/stripe-payments:2.7.3
sudo composer require stripe/stripe-payments
  Could not find a matching version of package stripe/stripe-payments.

Looking at their documentation, it seems you need to buy a license for its usage, so we are not able to reproduce the case. I recommend you reach out to their support and expose your case to them.

If it is of help, I would try only the commands listed in our guide instead of the ones used by them:

sudo composer require stripe/stripe-payments:2.7.3
sudo magento-cli module:enable --clear-static-content StripeIntegration_Payments
sudo magento-cli setup:upgrade

Francisco de Paz

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