Advantages of KongIngress

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    I am using IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service.
    I tried 1 and it worked fine.
    I just tried 2 and am having trouble with the 404 Not Found error.
    If the advantage of 2 is small, then I think 1 is fine.
    What are the advantages of KongIngress?
    Which method is better, 1 or 2?

Hi @tokuryo

Thanks for reaching out to us! Kong Gateway and Kong Ingress Controller are two different solutions, and thus not directly comparable.

Kong Gateway is an API gateway that allows traffic control & management, while Kong Ingress Controller is a component that integrates with the former in K8s environments to ease out tasks. For further information on the assets, you may refer to the official page/developer. Additionally, here you have an article that covers some of the points I mention:

If you have questions regarding Bitnami’s containers or charts, please feel free to submit a new issue in any of our GitHub repositories:

Best regards,
Jose Antonio Carmona

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