2 Wordpress builds within Bitnami - I need to delete the oldest copy

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I forgot about having a WP site in Bitnami when I had to go back and do a similar job which when finished would not let me login. I then noticed 2 WP builds on my local , one is WP 5.3-0 and the other WP 5.5.3-1
I’m thinking the older version is controlling WP Login (Local) as it keeps telling me “incorrect name or password” when trying to get into the new local site.
I’ve tried simply deleting/renaming the older version but it won’t let me. I can change the name however on the newer version which I also find odd.
I am rather desperate by the way, this is the only copy I have of my substantial website (Silly me).


Thanks for using Bitnami. You can change the password follow this guide https://docs.bitnami.com/installer/apps/wordpress/administration/reset-wp-admin-password/

I hope that helps you,

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