refused to connect wordpress multisite

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Hi, i need your help at first, i was editing the wp-config.php file and htaccess to change my wordpress site into a multisite but i encountered an error (it did not load and the Network set up is not working) in the first two steps, so i tried reverting it, I copied and pasted all the backup files but when i tried accessing the site it just says refused to connect.

But if i add https:// in the ip address it loads but its very slow.

I also tried running it in SSH if the is listening but it doesn’t display it. I hope you can help me.

I do not know why WordPress is redirecting you to but we suggest you check this guide to convert WordPress to multisite

as well as this other guide to configure the domains


Note: If https works, you should use it to access the app and configure it.

If you continue running into issues, please contact WordPress to get more information.