100% de uso de CPU httpd.bin

Just to update about the issue;
OP cache tunning has helped me to solve the performance situation.

Hi @John_Gutierrez,

That has nothing to do with the performance issues you are getting.

Did you check what requests you received at that moment?

That’s right, all requests are normal, they make consultations and visualization of courses, nothing that indicates a possible bot

Ok, @John_Gutierrez,

In your previous message, you mentioned that the Apache consumption had “risen excessively”.

Did you find any performance issue? From the top output your shared, I can see that the machine has available more than 20GB of RAM memory and the load average is not a problem at that moment. Was the CPU consumption that big for a long period of time? Maybe there were multiple users at that moment in the platform and that’s why the consumption was bigger. I don’t know either if any of the courses you have (or if any of the Moodle’s plugins you have) requires a big amount of processing time. Can you review it?

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